Art Shouldn’t get settled exclusively in one media. The artist is the one to decide where to show its little word. Liliana Gavotti chose painting and she is loyal to it because she is away from contemporaneous theoretical discussions (Really art is always contemporaneous).

Each inner landscape created by liliana invite your eyes to meditate. They flow by itself through that significant frame called art work. Liliana would be “the channel”, the media, by which a piece of art is created. A poet called Paul Klee in the book “The simile of the tree”. “The artist is the trunk that takes sap from the roots and it translates to the top”, which in this case, would be the Master Piece. He also wrote: “what the tree has of flowery lives from what it has buried”. He has the attitude to “make” and “feel” in present synchrony within the essentialism.

Intensely immerse and absolutely captivated, Liliana Gavoti manages to drive cross country to an amazing adventure called painting.

Helena Distéfano